About Us

Welcome to Alexandria Company for Medical Technology

Alexandria Company for medical technology has been in the medical technology field for more than 20 years, dealing with different customers and clients from around the globe. 

Who Are We

Alexandria Company for Medical Technology was established in 1997 by Dr. Ossama Abdalla, in Alexandria, Egypt. In order to facilitate the importing and setting up for all medical organizations and facilities for better health care services. Dealing with different clients and customers around the globe made us gain the experience needed to be a pioneer in this field.

Our Mission

To breathe new life into the next era aiming for new developments and progress in medical imaging solutions and therapy to support medical professionals in their efforts for their patients of regaining a healthy life


Why Choose Us?

As witnessed by our clients we have proven high
Credibility and integrity through out the years of services.

We always take care for our clients needs and demands, we do our best to deliver the products in its best shape and within the planned timeline.

Our technical support is well trained and experienced and able to maintain your devices and keep them running and reliable.

We always follow up with our clients to ensure the reliability of the devices and supplies provided.

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Alexandria Company for Medical Technology through out years .. 

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